My name is Gerardo, and playing guitar is my passion. I found my vocation for music at an early age and besides playing guitar I am also transcribing music for guitar. The extracts that you will listen here represent many happy moments in my life. I hope you enjoy them too.


Gerardo Acuña Rivera

Graduated in Musicology and Classical Guitar at Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music.

Invited to perform at different National and International Classical Guitar Festivals.

First prize winner of several classical guitar contests.

My musical work

Currently I am transcribing for the guitar, the thirteen fantasies for vihuela from the fourth book of Orphenica Lyra (1554), by Miguel de Fuenllana.

Playing guitar, my way of life

Guitar was really an instrument for me, a means for discovering a way of life; the door that, since childhood, led me to discover the arts, and particularly, that of music. It also made me aware of the importance of friendship, love, and, in short, human dignity.


Music for me has been like Socrates’ Daemon during the trail that would condemn him to death but that always persuaded him to reflect and act in a morally right way. It has also been the mirror in which Alfonso Reyes advised us, in a caring but at the same time playful way, to look at ourselves and repeat every day: what an idiot you are boy!! To warn us against vanity and conceit, but with sense of humor, the only respectable attitude in life.


That is why, when I am astonished at my own existence, I hear myself whispering:


Guitar, music, life…